2020 SEO Trends: 10 Crucial Things Your Marketing Team Should Know

13 Feb, 2020Business

It always happens.

Whenever we enter a new year, we come up with lots of plans in mind.

There are a myriad of strategies that play within our minds.

And, we are sure that your marketing team must be coming up with strategies that help you improve your game in the competitive market.

But here’s a small piece of advice: when working on marketing strategies, do look into the upcoming trends for the year. This allow you to:

  • Formulate strategies that are easily implementable
  • Educate your marketing teams with the latest trends
  • Reduce marketing trends and miss-fires

With such benefits at your disposal, you would never feel like skipping the latest SEO trends.

And just to help you stay updated with them, we’ve listed the top 10 SEO trends for you below!

Top 10 SEO Trends Your Marketing Team Shouldn’t Miss This 2020

This year, it is not just about building links for your website or focusing on ranking at the first position in the SERPs. Increasingly, the top search engine is making it difficult for brands to rank well online.

Well, that’s because they want quality search links to reflect in results. Google is also concerned about helping businesses improve their offerings to reach their target audience effectively. With so many benefits available for both sides, it is time we take a look at some of the popular trends your SEO teams should consider when coming up with any marketing strategy.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive in!

SEO Trends #1: Understand Your Target Audience

Well, this is something that you’ve already heard several times – keep your website users in mind.

But this time around, it’s implementation is going to differ.

As you know that in 2019, Google came up with an Algorithm as we all know as BERT. So, it has already pushed us in a direction to work upon content that helps Google understand the language like humans do. No wonder, we all are getting to see articles that are more conversational.

Well, our advice here is – do not lose your streak.

Keep developing content that is more human-like or gives advice to your readers and target audience.

Besides this, you should also focus on understanding what are the aspects that Google takes into account when crawling and indexing your content on the website. This will help you come up with better content marketing strategies.

This brings us to our next trend.

SEO Trend #2: Optimize Content for Quality

Next up is content quality.

We understand that this trend too sounds like something that you’ve heard in the past.

But it is time for you to move on from creating just quality content. Express your intent to the readers clearly. Create content that clarifies your intent to the target audience. You can start off by curating content that follows the what, why and how pattern.

This will help you keep readers and target audience hooked too.

SEO Trend #3: Improve E-A-T

Google is keeping an eye on all the businesses online. They want to make sure that the websites ranking have a great reputation and E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). Please note that this is inclusive of those who publish articles under their author names too.

That’s why, you need to set an agenda where you work upon improving the reputation of your business online. Also, do ensure that you work towards providing the best-in-class customer service that leaves an impact on your customers and prompts them to return to your brand.

SEO Trends #4: Smart SEO Professionals, Focus on User Experience

Another trend that your marketing SEO professionals should keep in mind is to improve user experience effectively.

This can be inclusive of:

  • Improving site speed
  • Improving page speed
  • Canonical corrections

But more than this, it is time that you focus on:

  • Creating a JS based website
  • Working towards App-first business
  • Making SEO task automation simpler for big websites (amalgamation of Python with machine learning

SEO Trend #4: Better Strategies for Strong Mobile SEO

Yes, this one is on the list too.

That’s because we’ve come across so many clients who do own a mobile website, but somehow they don’t work that well. That’s probably because they:

  • Sometimes do not fit the mobile screen
  • Tend to hang during the browsing experience
  • Take a lot of time to load

And, that’s just the start of it.

Keeping that in mind, we’d like to suggest you work towards building a site for mobile-first and then you make them compatible for desktop version. You may ask “how does that help?”

Well, the best part of this approach is that you do not have to optimize your website speed after its launch. But the bottom line is you need to make your website compatible for mobile search results. Only then you can learn what kind of traffic you actually expect.

SEO Trend #6: Up Your Game at Structuring the Data

While our aim is to generate high-quality content that matches the expectations of the target audience, still Google’s algorithms lack the capability to understand the context properly.

That’s why it becomes essential for you to structure the website content to make sure that search engines better understand the existing context of the page. Other than that, it will also allow the search engine to relate the existing elements on the page and how it matches with other pages on the website.

SEO Trend #7: Optimize the Knowledge Graph

We already know that lately Google shows relative information in its search result by showing a separate section on “People normally ask”.

While these results aren’t part of the top 10 results, still they show results for articles that answers a specific question in detail. So, you have one more option for ranking on the first page – Google’s knowledge graph.

All you have to work on is optimizing content according to the standards of Google’s knowledge graph. Once you do that, you’ll notice one of your articles in the knowledge panel.

SEO Trend #8: Improve Link Building & Brand Building

This isn’t a shocker too.

And if anything, it is time we all worked on making our link building game stronger by taking into account the consumer-first approach. For that to happen, you need to take into account three types of journalistic writing styles. Only these can ensure that you are not just building links but are working towards brand visibility.

These journalistic writing styles are inclusive of:

  • Planned Editorial Articles

    These are inclusive of articles that you can cover every year such as tips for new year practices, what products you should gift on a specific occasion, and so on.

  • Planned Reactive Editorial Articles

    These are inclusive of articles that are written around a specific event to take place. For example, you want to cover a few events that take place during Valentine’s Day. But the exact article would only get published once that specific event takes place.

  • Reactive Editorial Articles

    A good example for this is the article that you are reading right now. You are reading a list of trends that you must take into account while you work on formulating marketing strategies for your business. However, their outcome in individual cases can’t be predicted but they can change just in case Google rolls out another update.

SEO Trend #9: Up Your Visibility Game

There was a time when people thought about promoting their brand only through their website. But we’d say – not anymore.

Google turns out to be the perfect platform for you to improve brand visibility rather than doing it through your website only. But for this to happen, you need to study the search snippet on Google to come up with strategies that actually work. 

During our journey on helping clients gain visibility online, we found the use of:

  • How to articles
  • FAQs
  • Favicon optimization
  • Image targeting
  • Localization in search results
  • New and events held by a company

SEO Trend #10: Make Use of Programming for SEO Automation

Lastly, it will be beneficial for you to make use of programming languages like Python to cut-down on redundant tasks. In short, you’ll be taking one step forward towards automating your SEO tasks.


This practice of SEO automation will help you to work on more crucial tasks at hand. These are inclusive of:

  • Explaining things that matter to customers in their language
  • Improving your brand name in the competitive market
  • Offering instant help to customers through thoughtful responses
  • Working towards building awesome customer experiences

Plus, you should really move ahead from the regular use of excel and start using other means to analyze your data. For example, use data sources to analyze insights and machine learning to resolve complex issues at hand.

With these effective and easy-to-apply SEO trends, it will become a lot simpler for your marketing team to create strategies that allow your brand to improve online branding. As one of the best digital marketing agencies in the market, it is important for us to guide you towards the right direction.

So, just in case you have any queries related to the suggestions we’ve made or would like to know more about our professional SEO services, then do leave us a comment below.

Happy reading till then!

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