5 Practical Steps To Improving Your Website’s Domain Authority

26 Sep, 2019Business

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Ever wondered what hampers your dream to attain the #1 rank in SERPs?
In case you’ve been blaming your professional SEO service provider, then hang on. OptinMonster indicates that there are ten SEO ranking factors you need to worry about when striving to rank your business online. These include:

  • Optimized Content
  • User Experience
  • Backlinks
  • Social Signals
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Page speed
  • Secure & Accessible Website
  • Technical SEO
  • Real Business Information

And most importantly, domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

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Domain Authority, popularly known as DA, was invented by Moz with an aim to help websites predict how they are performing and the possibilities of them ranking on search engines.

You can calculate your website’s domain authority by simply visiting the Link Explorer tool by Moz.

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But with its popularity, other platforms have introduced their DA scoring systems. Some of these platforms include:

#NOTE: Different scoring systems have different criteria to calculate the domain authority of a website. But they all use one common aspect to measure DA: a domain’s SEO power!

And, the higher your domain authority score, the better are its chances to rank on top in SERPs.

That’s why even the best digital marketing agency recommends business website owners to adhere to practical steps that help them improve their DA effectively. In case you aren’t aware of these practical step, then we are here to discuss them with you in detail.

5 Applicable Steps to Improve Website Domain Authority

All you need is easy to implement practices that allow you to boost your website’s domain authority. Let’s check them out below.

#1: Take Your SEO Game to the Next Level

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To improve website domain authority, start working on your basic SEO. If anything, Moz emphasizes on how websites should work towards improving website SEO to boost domain authority score.

Equally invest in off-page and on-page SEO practices. Make sure you:

On-Page Practices

  • optimize meta tags
  • optimize image, videos
  • avoid keyword stuffing
  • properly format your content
  • build correct URL structure

Off-Page Practices

  • remove bad links from your website
  • build links on high DA websites
  • work on natural link building
  • build links on unique domains

Technical SEO Practices

  • register website at Bing Webmaster tool & Google Search Console
  • create, add, and optimize XML sitemap to submit it to Google
  • check robot.txt regularly
  • migrate your website to https
  • add structured data schema

#2: Create Linkable Quality Content

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Top-notch content is the key to reach more people and driving your website traffic to the next level. No more people like to land upon articles or blogs that just state facts and miss out on important case studies. If anything, good amount of stats, studies, examples, quality images that best describe the situation are very much preferred by readers.

So, don’t think how many words you need to cover in an article. Think about what you have to offer to your readers so they stay connected with your brand.

And, quality content doesn’t just mean writing lengthy articles that are equal to or more than 1000 words. Quality content means what all content strategies you have to improve your website and domain authority score.

You can also work on the following activities to produce quality content.

  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • Podcasts
  • Videos (defining your work progress)
  • Case studies

#3: Improve Page Speed

Did you know that one of the key signals of the Google ranking algorithm is page speed?

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Source: reliablesoft.net

Not only will you see a jump in your page ranking in SERPs, you’ll also notice your domain authority score improving. That’s because you are taking a step forward towards building a smooth user experience on your website. And better user experience translates into more leads, more signups, and more sales.

In case you can’t hire a developer right away to improve your website’s page speed, then here are a few measures you can work on:

  • first, remove unnecessary plugins or extensions from the website
  • second, contact your hosting provider to understand how your server’s performance
  • third, optimize the file size available on your website (including images)
  • fourth, in case you have too many videos on your website, use YouTube as the streaming service

#4: Build a Strong Social Media Marketing Plan

Although the best digital marketing agency would recommend that there is no correlation between your social signal and Google ranking, yet it is advised to build a smart marketing plan.

Let’s understand why.

Almost every social media platform has introduced their ad programs. This includes big players like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now, these ad programs help you achieve two benefits.

  • One, you get to add more followers to your social media platform
  • Two, you get to promote your blog posts and good guest contributions on your profile among all the followers

End result?

You get to boost your website’s traffic with both the above mentioned benefits. And more traffic means, you have a lot of good things to offer to your visitors besides blog posts. In a nutshell, you get an opportunity to promote something that is valuable for your customers that encourages them to visit your website. And that, helps you improve your domain authority score too.

#5: Wait for Your Domain to Age

Once you implement the above mentioned strategies to your website, it is time to sit and watch how your domain authority score pans out.

It is unrealistic to expect that the moment you purchase a domain, your authority score would be good. For that matter, even if you wait for the results of the above strategies to pan out, it will probably take a year or two for the score to improve. That’s because you need to be consistent with your practices and make sure that the quality doesn’t waver.

However, there is another catch. Just waiting for your domain to get old doesn’t mean that your domain authority score will improve eventually. Your practices need to consistent and quality needs to be of top most priority. Only then can you think of witnessing your domain authority score improving and skyrocketing to the next level.

We hope the implementation of these practical steps help you improve your website’s domain authority!

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