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Did you know that it takes about 50 milliseconds for a visitor to formulate an opinion about your website to determine whether they’d stay or leave?

Never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, this statement doesn’t apply for websites today.

People visit, take a small tour, and if the website doesn’t seem to impress them in one go – they’d leave to never come back.

In short, your website has lower chances of entertaining returning customers too.

Well, in that case we’d say why not work on something that not only keeps them on your website during the first visit but also feel encouraged to come again.

As a prominent digital marketing agency in Australia, We’d like to suggest a few ways that can help you achieve both goals effectively.

7 Effective Strategies to Prompt Visitors to Be Back on Your Website

Let’s take a look at seven ways to help you prompt visitors to return to your website every time!

#1: Build Personalized Website Experience

Imagine: 88% of online consumers wouldn’t return to a website after a bad experience!

How to fix that?

Work towards building a personalized experience for your visitors.

This can easily be achieved if you:

  • Build customized landing pages

    You can feature products based on what customers have bought or engaged with recently on your web pages.
  • Create a featured section

    You can also create a “Best of” section that can be displayed in the form of a large banner or a sidebar list. This will help you draw attention to products and increase their sales. In short, it will allow you to create consumer need that meets their expectations too.
  • Suggest content users prefer to view

    This may sound something like the above two suggestions. But this is how it truly works. For example, if you run clothing line then suggest content that describes what’s in trend and how can you style yourself for the upcoming seasons.

#2: Display What’s New & Popular

It is said that a user’s eye takes 2.6 seconds to land on the area of a website that most influences them on their first impression.

Keeping this in mind, you may ask yourself what content will grab their attention first.

How to fix that?

To give your visitors a reason to come back to your website is by displaying what’s new and popular on your website.

  • Start highlighting new content

    We’d suggest you to add a section that reveals what’s new or becoming popular among your customers currently. Plus, you need to ensure that once you create a section like that, it is refreshed every time new content piece is generated for the latest update or product.
  • Place the highlighted content in front and center

    To have a dedicated section that reveals what’s new and popular will give your visitors an impression that you cater to the needs of a large audience. So check which update or content piece generates more traffic via Google Analytics, and resurface it when new visitors land on your page
  • Showcase shared content

    You must have noticed a number on either sides of the content piece of a blog. Well, it shows how many shares it received via its readers. This promotes others to take the same action and expand your reach as a brand.

#3: Create a Smart User Experience

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Did you know that 47% of users expect a website’s average loading time to be around 2 seconds?

So in case you don’t have a website that’s fast, you may end up losing visitors and may never see them arriving at your website.

How to fix that?

You can work on improving your website’s speed. For this, you can:

  • Make sure the website design is clean
  • Work on reducing the size of files such as an image or folders to be downloaded
  • Make your website mobile-friendly
  • Regularly check the loading speed of your website

#4: Reward & Encourage Brand Advocates

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Encourage visitor loyalty to boost your sales to the next level.

It’s not a quote. But what we as a brand believe in.

As a digital marketing company, we understand how important it is for our clients to get more sales and loyal customers. But with wrong techniques or strategies in place, it becomes a challenge to boost loyalty.

How to fix that?

Give your returning visitors and customers the recognition they expect.

  • Offer the personal acknowledgment touch
    Deepen the affection between your visitors and the brand by reaching them out personally. You can do this two ways. You can either send them an email saying that “You Miss Them” or initiate a proactive conversation with a live chat tool.
  • Promote them via social media
    Give those visitors or customers a shout out if they’ve praised your brand online. You can also feature their review in your website’s testimonials section.
  • Give them the “insiders” title a referral program
    Work on exciting referrals that increases the word-of-mouth publicity of your brand. Give incentives to those who refer your brand to others and give them the insider status. Here you can send them early alerts on upcoming sales or product updates. This will give them a prime member feel with your brand.

#5: Promote Upcoming Launches on Social Media Platforms

An interesting fact: Content consumption has increased on various social media platforms including Facebook (57%) and LinkedIn (21%). What’s more? 76% of Facebook users rely on their feeds to land upon interesting content.

So having a brand page on either of the platforms is not enough.

How to fix that?

  • Be more proactive and record your work onsite to give people a look into how the products reach them.
  • In case of a product launch, write and publish a post every hour to keep your followers on toe. This will move them into action and revisit your website.
  • Post more pictures of your products when they are about to launch.
  • Give your followers a sneak-peak into the product that is about to get an update or is to be launched.

#6: Deliver Consistent Value Through Thought Leadership

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As shocking as it may look, but it’s true. 

Users tend to spend an average of 5.59 seconds just looking at the website’s written content!!

You’ve got less time and more people to stay engaged to your brand.

How to fix that?

As a professional SEO service provider, we insist our clients to cultivate a position of thought leadership in a specific area in three simple steps.

  • First, curate original and thought-provoking content for your website. This allows you to narrow your scope to a specific topic. This way you get to dig deep into that particular topic.
  • Build personal and professional networks. You can add people to your network from big publications and see if they have an audience whose interest can match yours.
  • Finally, share relevant content with your past visitors or existing customers that has been published to bring them back on your website. Make sure the pieces you publish has strategic linking too.

Note: You can also work on webinars that speak on new industry trends or latest developments which buyers can find useful. Words spoken from an expert influences people a lot.

#7: Combine Automation & Personalization in Your Email Marketing

Well, let’s see. Just starting off with an email campaign won’t work. And sending personalized emails to visitors based on their behavior on your website takes a lot of time.

How to fix that?

Set up automated campaigns!

For this you can, manage important touch points during your relationship with the customer. These include:

  • Online forms
  • Previous product preferences
  • Content downloads

You can also create customized landing pages for your paid campaigns that are made taking into account the buying journey and preferences that help customers derive value from.

We hope these strategies help you get people back on your website!

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