Viral Video Marketing: 7 Proven Ways to Get More YouTube Views

27 Jun, 2019Business

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Youtube is the world’s second most visited search engine and the third most popular site after Google and Facebook. As far as lead generation is concerned, digital expert Neil Patel claims that Youtube constitutes about 48% of content distribution channels trusted by leading digital marketers. In fact, it’s safe to say that Youtube is a vital part of your SEO efforts. If you are already uploading your videos, most of you may wonder as to why your videos don’t go viral. You have put in lots of effort, good content, visuals, etc. but the viewership doesn’t give you satisfaction. Now, you also can get your YouTube videos to perform better. You just need a bit of discipline to achieve your target. We are living in a world dominated by marketing, whether it is politics, products, education, travels and even your own videos. You will need to strategize the way your YouTube videos are marketed. Let’s discuss 7 proven ways to get more YouTube views. 

Select or Create Related Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first attraction to a viewer. You must select or create a thumbnail that is related to the topic of the video. It should be crisp and clear and not blurry. If you do not choose it yourself, YouTube will (by default) select any frame from your video as a thumbnail and the frame it selects automatically may be inappropriate. Like, a transition frame or while you are refocusing your camera. Even you may not like it, right? Moreover, you can select a good font for a caption and position it to make your thumbnail look attractive. If you have a logo, use it.

Write Engaging Video Titles

After thumbnail, video title and description is a critical part of your video. The title you select will make or break the dream of your video going viral. The title needs to attract viewers and pique their curiosity to find out further information in the video. Titles starting with prefixes or suffixes such as – ‘New…’, ‘Best of…’, ‘Must see…,’ etc. will create interest in viewers. The audience is also attracted to lists on generic topics such as ‘Good Parenting’, ‘Must See Tourism Spots’, etc. Viewers are attracted to content that is entertaining and the title will make them click on to your video.

Video Tags

After good thumbnails and great titles, video tags are an essential part which attracts the audience. A tag is an important part of metadata that helps viewers to find the video that they want to watch. You must utilize the 500-character limit to describe your video. Most of the uploaded videos miss the importance of tags and the viewer is not attracted enough to look into the video content. Use the tag limit to include your brand name and briefly state the content of the video so that the viewer would want to know more. You may study top viral videos to understand the way a tag description may be presented for increased viewership.

Use Social Media Channels to Promote Your Video

As a Vlogger, you will need to market your videos. You can’t just expect your video to go viral on its own (it has happened but it is rare). Social media is a great platform to present your videos to your best advantage. Utilize your profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes. Connect to your friends and add links on these sites to promote your videos on YouTube. It is a wonderful way to get extensive exposure and more viewership. Being a regular YouTuber, you must continue to provide links on your social media sites at regular intervals of your previous vlogs. Follow this and you will be surprised by the results.

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Select and Understand Your Target Audience

Opting for multiple audiences, although desirable, may make you lose your focus on the content you wish to upload. You will need to spend a lot of time deciding who your target audience is likely to be. You can get a lot of information about the genre of topics that people are interested in and the type of content you write. Females can be the largest audience who are interested in parenting, spirituality, fashion, cooking and family issues. If your target is the younger generation, they would be more interested in relationships, fashion and career based information. You can also ask your viewers to suggest topics and give ideas on topics that they may want you to work on. After all, you would want to create videos for the viewers and not for your satisfaction only. 

Engage With Your YouTube Circle

YouTube has provided a gold mine and very few are aware of it. It is the Insight tool. Using this tool you can find out the websites that are sending you the most views. For example, if Twitter is giving you most referrals, you can concentrate on and make Twitter your priority in social networking. On the other hand, you may strategize to increase your presence through Facebook and vice-versa.

You need to understand that each of the social networking sites has its own idiosyncrasies. A video referral from one site may not work the same way on the other one as the response from the two social sites would vary. You will need to study and experiment to see what type of videos click best on which site and change your strategy accordingly.

SEO is the Most Important Step

Search on any topic on Google and the results will show you a number of YouTube video lists as well. What does it mean? It means that SEO is as important for YouTubing as is for content writing/blogging. Understand that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and can list out most of searches and queries or solutions asked for. So, you need to optimize YouTube videos too. Keywords should be included in titles and description. Avoid keyword stuffing. Mentioning only relevant keywords in your videos will help YouTube understand the content of your video in a better way and respond correctly to the searches.

You may specify a category of your video to help YouTube expand viewership. Tag is another tool to give a broader context to your video. You may add as many as 20 tags to your video. So, do not give up the opportunity.


As attention spans are sharply decreasing, your youtube videos must make an impact in the shortest possible time. That’s why you should aim for short and crisp videos that tell your story in a few minutes. Also, thanks to text dominance, Video SEO is a fairly new concept and most brands are trying to get on top of it. But, like any other digital promotion channels, maturity takes time. That’s why your safest best is to hire a trusted digital marketing agency with a record of creating viral videos. Social Mast can help you create viral videos for your brand, increase viewership on Youtube and boost your overall authority on the web. To learn more about our viral video marketing services, get in touch with us today.

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