Email Marketing 101: How to 2X Your Open Rates in 30 Days

21 Aug, 2019Business

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For better brand engagement and sales, is email marketing the correct solution?
Such doubts are justified when brands are planning to invest heavily on marketing their products and services. That’s because they get subjected to conjectures such as “is email marketing dead?” or “will people really open our email?”.
But understand this, when you don’t open emails that don’t have a compelling subject line or look a little suspicious, why would your customers think otherwise?

So, it’s not about the marketing strategy that has lost touch in the market, but they way you curate an email for your customers.

According to DMA, sending out segmented and targeted emails help organizations generate 58% of all revenue.

It means you need to know what exactly convinces your target audience to open your email and take action upon it. For this you can either collect data or hire the best professional SEO service provider who is known for creating smart email marketing service in Australia. That’s because you need to ensure that even via emails, your customers experience a personal touch.

Did you know that 74% of marketers suggest brands sending targeted yet personalized emails to increase customer engagement?

All online marketing companies would recommend you to think from the customers’ perspective when planning to personalize their email experience. They’d look for only 3 things when browsing through their inbox.

  • Who’s the email from?
  • What is the email subject line?
  • What does the second subject line convey?

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In this article, we’ll discuss ways that will help you boost your email open rate up to 2X in a matter of 30 days. However, these strategies will be divided in two stages. Let’s dive in stage one first.

Stage #1: Personalize Email Subject Lines to Avoid Morning Purge

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How many of you check your email first thing in the morning? I’m sure that most of you do to clean your inbox before reaching the office.

But the main question is, how many of you open the email with an intent to send responses or to even read it thoroughly?

Well, the answer to that is better left hanging in the air.

As a business owner, you might say “Yes, I open my email first thing in the morning to ensure that no delays happen and every process takes place smoothly.”

But the same may not be true for your audience. 


Your email may end up in trash or worse the junk section of their inbox. In short, you’ll be subjected to their morning purge.

  1. Stop Sending Emails At the Wrong Time

    Understanding who your target audience is, should be the first step towards avoiding their junk email section.

If you deal in B2C customers, then there are chances of the following possibilities:

  • Your emails would go unread (probably deleted before opening)
  • Your emails may be read (but only for the sake of reducing unread messages)
  • Your emails won’t get a response you seek
  • Your emails get deleted after reading
  • Your emails get unsubscribed (worse case scenario)

So, don’t give the impression that you are here to pester them. 

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Send emails when you know that there are more chances of them taking an action upon it. Probably deliver emails later in the morning or during the afternoon when they feel like taking a break from work and may end up opening their personal emails for a breather.

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According to MailChimp, you should also consider what time of the week would be ideal for you to send emails to your customers. They suggest that the best time of the week to send emails would be weekdays versus weekends. Those consulting the best providers of email marketing service in Australia would recommend the same.

  1. Come Up With Catchy Subject Lines

According to a post by OptinMonster, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone!

Keeping that number in mind, the best digital marketing agency would recommend you to write email subject lines that resonate with customers’ curiosity, fear, humor, pain points, and personal benefits. We’ll help you understand this with a few examples below.

Fear of Missing Out

To build the fear of missing out on your products or services, you can use subject lines such as:

  • [WEEKEND ONLY]: Grab Your Favorites From Wishlist Now!
  • Renew Your Subscription Before it Expires
  • Jane, You’ve Earned Double the Points. Avail them Now!


How to create curiosity among customers via email. Learn here!

  • EXCLUSIVE: Get a Sneak-Peak Into Upcoming Sale Goodies
  • A Surprise is in Store for You
  • HURRY! Before Our Latest Stock Gets Cleared


Although being humorous requires more creativity, still it can help you get benefits in the longer run. Let’s take a look at funny email subject lines that bring a smile on your customer’s face.

  • We Like Being Used & So Do Our Discount Coupons!
  • Licking Your Phone Never Tasted So Good
  • Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)

Pain Points

Hitting the right pain point is necessary to encourage customers to open your email. You can use subject lines such as:

  • Get CUTE Fashion At AFFORDABLE Price
  • Finding it Difficult to Manage Everything at Work? Help is Here!
  • How to Survive Your Next Overnight Flight


Build a personal connection with your customers via email by addressing them and their concerns directly. This is how you do it:

  • you free this Thursday at 12PM PST? [guest blogging class]
  • Mary, do you remember me?
  • Happy Birthday Authur – Surprise Inside!

Stage #2: Build a Smart Package Inside

Now that you’ve compelled your customers to open that email, it’s time to encourage them to take an action. For that, make sure the right content is in place. And this stage two is all about helping you get it done correctly in case you haven’t hired SEO services in Australia yet.

  1. Actionable Content for Encouraging Sales


Actionable content in email marketing doesn’t only means adding CTA’s at the right place. You need to build content that matches the customer’s purchasing intent. 

In the image above, you can clearly notice that the email consists of: 

  • Sense of urgency (LAST CHANCE!)
  • Customer greed getting addressed with 30% off
  • Customer pain point getting addressed (wanna grow your career)
  • Benefits a customer (in this case a person who signs up for the course) can avail

What’s more, it doesn’t consist of too much content. This makes the email a short read. In a way it is the perfect way to keep the customer engaged with the brand through an email marketing strategy.

  1. Visuals Keep Customers Engaged

Sometimes too much content is not what people are looking for. They’d rather like if your email comes straight to the point. Just the way the above email from Ray-Ban Glasses does.

It wasn’t heavy on content, but did let its customers know that their sale is on and customers can browse through the deals. Plus, with the classic aviators the customers can easily relate with the brand.

Bottom Line: It’s All About Increasing Brand Engagement With Email Marketing

Successful email open rates, and that too up to 2X looks like a time taking process. However, the above mentioned strategies can help you get all your customers in loop and actively engaged with the brand in a matter of one month.

Where you’ve taken so long to test and try every strategy, why not adopt our strategies a shot. You’ll surely notice your sales skyrocketing too. 

If you’ve got any suggestions or new strategies left, then feel free to leave them in the comment box below!

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