Final 2019 Checklist: Your 10 Step Guide on Successful Website Redesign

8 Nov, 2019Business

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Did you know that a visitor formulates an opinion about the website in just 0.05 seconds?
While your business has a lot to show to your website visitors, it still becomes a little difficult to keep them engaged with your website. Now there could be several reasons for visitors to not stay for long at your website. But stats confirm that website design is one of the biggest deciding factors for people to continue their browsing experience. 
It is said that 94% of negative website feedback is design related.
Being one of the top providers of SEO services in Australia, we believe that every business website has limited time in their hands to display their services and products to their target audience.
That’s why we emphasize on building a smart, intuitive, yet beautifully designed website. And in case, you want a roadmap that helps you achieve this faster, then the best digital marketing agency of Australia is here to help.
Below you will find a ten step guide, a final checklist for 2019, that helps you successfully redesign your website.
Much-Needed 10 Step Guide for Successful Website Redesign
As a professional SEO service provider, we believe that this list will allow you to build a website design that prompts visitors to not only stay at your website for long, but encourages them to take an action.
Let’s explore them now!

#1: Identify & Understand Your Target Audiences

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Before you set any goals on how to increase engagement on your website, it is important that you learn how to identify your target audience.
And identifying them is only the first step towards redesigning your website. As the best digital marketing company in Australia, we’ve come across clients who complained how visitors left because their design was plain. And in case that’s a little hard to believe, stats support this claim too. 
According to a study, nearly two-thirds of people love to read content on a beautifully designed website rather than on a plain website.
That’s why it is essential to learn who your target audience is and what do they prefer to see on your website. For that matter, you should also learn what expectations do customers and visitors hold when they land on your website.
For that, you need to raise the following questions to yourself.

  • Who are my current website visitors?
  • Do my current visitors belong to the same industry?
  • What pages do they land on mostly?
  • How long do they stay on an individual page?
  • What time of the day records maximum visits for the website?

But most importantly, who do you want to visit your website and what can make them stay at your website longer?

These questions will allow you to focus your redesigned website on those who are critical to your business. And these include prospective customers and existing ones.

#2: Learn to Set Goals & Objectives

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One thing that any professional SEO service provider recommends to its clients is to set realistic a goal and objectives under it. That’s what our clients expect from us when we help them not just identify a goal but also create a compelling roadmap that illustrates what needs to be done after every action.

We focus on redesigning the website for generating more leads for a business. However, the objectives are aligned with what our client’s business aims to deliver their customers. That’s why we split the objectives under three main categories which include:

  • Active Communication (Compelling Content)
  • Conversion Increment (Adding call-to-action button wherever possible to make the sales process shorter)
  • Monitor Actions (Add forms to monitor visitor queries regarding the products)

#3: Time to Create a Sitemap

Before you think about what colors to add or content to publish, it is essential for your business to create a clear sitemap with less complexities.

For you to simplify the process of creating a sitemap, this is what you need to do.

  • Check your current sitemap.
  • Create a list of all your current key services/products.
  • Write a clear title format to increase clarity.

*Note: While writing the title format of your sitemap, do not focus on changing the existing top-level navigation. What’s more important is to make significant changes to the sub-navigation of your website.

#4: Implement a Structure for Content Production

While some of the best digital marketing companies suggest you to move on to creating a content strategy for your website, we suggest otherwise. After a lot of experience in the website redesign services, we believe that even content production needs to have a structure.

Did you know that 38% of visitors would stop using a website if its content/layout is unattractive?

You need to give the right amount of breaks in your content with attractive images that match the context of your page and its theme. And while you focus on making the structure of the content engaging, do not forget to focus on quality content writing practices. Not only will the content help you rank but also assist you keep visitors engaged on your website.

#5: Curate a Content Strategy

Once you are done with the content structure, make sure to focus on creating a smart content strategy. As professional SEO service providers, we believe that your content strategy should be inclusive of the following practices.

  • Blog posts that include latest studies, stats, and 1000+ words content
  • Self-help repository that guides your customers or site visitors on your products and services
  • Videos that speak of use cases or how the features of the product help
  • Gallery that not only showcases how the products have satisfied customers but also how happy your employees are when working at the organization
  • Embed social media feeds
  • Customer testimonials that encourage visitors to keep browsing your website
  • Whitepapers
  • Collect customer feedback and use that as a reference to publish a study under your brand

#6: Set a Budget for Website Redesign

For years, we have seen a lot of clients who wanted to redesign their website, but with no clear vision. Although this can be a challenge anyday, our team of professionals have successfully tackled these situations hassle-free.

This can be true in your case too. That’s why it is always advised for any website owner to first set a budget for the redesign process.

#7: Consult A Professional

No harm in reaching out to a professional who can help you simplify the website redesign process. That’s because at any point you may require guidance on how to redesign a website which is glitch-free.

As a provider of SEO service in Australia, we make sure that our customers get all the ins and outs of redesigning the existing website. In case we feel that the website needs particular changes rather than complete revamps, we discuss those changes in particular and quote a price accordingly. That’s exactly a professional will help you out with when you plan to redesign your website.

#8: Define Roles & Responsibilities

Sometimes it’s just one man army that makes sure the process takes place hassle-free. However, this scenario mostly takes place when the business is managed by one person.

In case you run a good eCommerce business or a website that has a lot of services to sell to its customers, make sure to divide all roles and responsibilities equally. This way you won’t tire anyone and get the best output at all times.

For this project, make sure you have a skilled manager in place. The decision maker will help you divide the roles of each team member correctly based on their skills. Plus, it is important for you to avoid micromanaging. In case you have doubts, you can directly coordinate with the decision maker.

#9: Do Not Forget Beta Testing & Launch

It is always advised to test, try, and re-test.

At Social Mast, we believe that it is better to deliver quality after several tries rather than delivering an end-result that doesn’t match the expectations of our customers. That’s why we emphasize on beta testing. We make sure that site speed, mobile speed, and how the website opens on different browsers is tested before we take it live.

Other than that, we also make sure whether all inbound links are working fine and won’t cause a glitch during a visitor’s website experience. We also emphasize on checking whether the social buttons are linked to the correct social media platforms.

#10: Give Emphasis on Post-launch Maintenance & Marketing

So if you thought that beta testing and launching the website with new site design ends your work, then think again.

Post-launch maintenance and marketing are crucial aspects that shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s because Google will take time to crawl your website. That means, more time to index the site with new design. And that further implies, you will take more time to reach out to your target audience via online platform.

This means that you should focus on marketing your online platform once the site goes online with the new design. As professionals, we make sure that our clients get maintenance services too. This helps them resolve a bug just in case there is any or rectify an area that a customer cites on the website.

Wrapping It Up

In short, you need to keep a lot of things in mind when planning to redesign your website. But that doesn’t mean you are there to manage it all alone. Professional SEO service providers like Social Mast are here to help you implement this 10 step guide effectively, thus building an attractive website that delights your customers.

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