Launching a New Website? 5 Surefire Ways to Get Targeted Traffic That Converts

3 Sep, 2019Business

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Getting a new website in place can be such a time taking process.
That’s because you need to finalize a lot of things for it to go live online.
Things like:

  • What will be your core messaging to help the target audience connect with your brand?
  • What content needs to be added for you to make your services or products more convincing?
  • What all services or products should have a separate page and which products or services should be listed on one?
  • Should I add contact details or add a contact form for people to approach the brand?

Tend to become a part of their thought process when they think about ‘what content will their prospects prefer to see when visiting the website?’.

Other than that, design is also a major concern for business owners. They tend to think about:

  • What color themes will best depict my niche on the website?
  • How should the content be spaced on the pages to make it more approachable for the target audience?
  • What all should be a part of the site navigation?
  • How should I design the blog section?
  • How to make the existing website design compatible for mobile devices?
  • How should the site footer look and what all components should be added in it?
  • What all places should have the brand logo?

The list of questions can go on. That’s because getting a new website in place in never a piece of cake. This is another reason why business owners tend to hire website designing and development service providers to get their website in place. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s more challenging – to get traffic that converts for your business!

As one of the best SEO services in Australia we understand that it is a burning concern for your business. But worry not.

We are here to help.

We’ve zeroed in 5 surefire ways to help you get traffic that converts for your business. And the best part is, they won’t take much time to get implemented. Let’s check them out below!

5 Surefire Ways to Get Targeted Traffic That Converts


Seo Services


In this section, we aim to discuss each strategy in detail that helps you increase targeted website traffic. Plus, we’ll also see how these strategies in return help your business convert this incoming traffic.

#1: Get Your Website SEO Game in Place

Do you know that 70% of the links search users click on are organic?

To get consistent organic traffic on your website, you need to make sure that you’ve implemented the correct SEO strategies on your website. Some of the strategies you should give a go at include:

Using User Questions for Keyword Research

To get a conversation started, we always begin with a question.

“How are you today?”

“How did you do that?”

Well, similarly as a business owner you need to hack those common questions that your target audience may be asking online. What’s more, a platform like Quora becomes an essential way for you to start finding those questions in the first place. The platform gives you the freedom to hack user questions and use them for keyword research.

For example, you go to Quora and write your main keywords [let’s say blog writing] in the search box. You’ll get a list of 10 questions that have been answered by various community enthusiasts.

Keyword Research
Now, you can take this question highlighted in red in the image above and add it in Google keywords tool to find more variations.

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Pro Tip: To build a successful organic traffic pipeline, you need to answer the questions raised by users. 

Once you get a list of keywords, start curating compelling yet keyword-rich content that helps you rank on SERPs. What you can do is combine the Quora question with the keywords you’ve found to create content that answers your target audience’s question.

Use Long Tail Keywords While Keeping User Intent in Mind

Do you know that 70% of the search traffic originates from long tail keywords?


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If you’ve noticed, users normally add terms that end up becoming a phrase.

“Free green tea samples for trial”.

“Best protein powder for building muscles”.

According to Neil Patel, one of his domains [KISSmetrics] received 142,149 traffic from long tail keywords. He even emphasizes on the fact that business owners should focus on the use of long tail keywords rather than solely focusing on head keywords.

Besides these two, you can also:

  • Work towards making your headlines more attractive to get more readers on your website.
  • Improve your title tags and descriptions.
  • Try odd number headlines to pique the interests of the readers on your website.

#2: Create Convincing Paid Ads for Business

Do you know that 64.6% of online shoppers click on Google Ads when planning to purchase their desired product?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisements tend to help business owners get immediate targeted traffic on their websites. However, they need to be created strategically keeping the intent of customers in mind. Only then can you expect to get traffic, potential leads, and customers for your business instantly.

To have an appealing ad, you first need to research about your target audience. Understand what will make them click a Google Ad and what do they actually look for in the ad.

What’s more, you need to understand what search terms do they use while searching for a product.

Do approach professional SEO service provider to help you build smart ad campaigns for your website. They can help you avoid investing in keywords that may result in no conversions. 

So, while you decide what search terms you’d like to have in your ad, do make sure that you include branded keywords. They tend to help a business increase their conversion rates.


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Once you decide upon the terms, check them in Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

You’ll get to know:

  • Search volume data
  • Keyword trends
  • Cost per click
  • And more competitive data

Once you get the data, don’t jump on to creating ads for the business. You need to structure and organize those PPC keywords of yours.

You first need to add these keywords into targeted groups.

Pro Tip: Many experts recommend (and so do we) to keep your ad groups more relevant and tighter. That’s because you get to measure their performance and even tweak your existing keywords a little. Plus, you get to create more specific ads for each group.

And, while you make these targeted keyword groups, do not forget to add negative keywords. It will help you avoid unwanted traffic on the website. It will help you avoid higher bounce rate and also keep your conversion rates in check.

Finally, learn to write a better ad copy. For this, you need to put on the customer mindset hat on to understand what’s likely more appealing for the customer. Adding that personalized touch to your ads would highlight the fact that it’s selling, but customers’ purchasing intent that you’d like to cater through your ads.

What’s more, you can add ad extensions to help your prospective buyers reach you faster.


You can even add reviews to make give your ads an authentic look.

#3: Use Social Media to Your Advantage


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For this you need to have a well-planned social sharing schedule.

Many people tend to ask, “Is it okay to share my website or blog content more than once?”.

Well, my answer to them is yes!

You need to understand one thing, sharing your content on social media platforms multiple times can help you trigger good reactions from people. And the thing is, people don’t really notice how many times you actually share the same content on your social profiles. We’d even recommend you to share your old content once in a while to get traffic on your website.

But you need to draw a thin line between being someone whose sharing something insightful and a spammer. While it does help to share the posts regularly, it isn’t right to irritate them, especially if it comes to your regular followers.

So, here are some rules you should have when thinking of sharing content with people on social media platforms.

  • Understand this, your social feeds on your profile is for the followers and not for you. So, understand what questions do they ask on your profile regularly and based on that share your website content.
  • Space out your posts so that you don’t look like a spammer. Rather than posting one post in an hour, schedule posts for every 4-5 hours of gap. This way people would wait what’s next and you won’t look like a spammer.
  • Don’t practice things on your social media profile that you wouldn’t like to see. Yet again you need to be in the customer’s shows to understand what will be bearable and what won’t.
  • Always go after value. It will help you generate the right type of traffic on your website that actually converts.

Pro Tip: Also, when you plan to share content piece on the website, don’t use the same messaging.

Other than this, you can include practices like:

  • Adding website URL for people to approach your brand faster online
  • Use effective #hashtags
  • Get your social media advertising done right
  • Understand what platforms will your target audience approach to find your services
  • Use images with your post so the viewers’ interest is piqued
  • Never forget to post regularly

#4: Leverage YouTube Channel to Your Benefit

YouTube is a great channel for you to increase your website traffic successfully.


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You may ask how. Well, let’s understand this below.

One of the articles by SocialMediaExaminer suggests that each of the videos that you publish on your channel can be treated as a “mini website”. That’s because:

  • Your content can easily be found within YouTube
  • It has the potential for getting indexed in Google’s SERPs

Now, some may think that viral videos can help them get more traffic not just on their channel but also on their website. But that isn’t true. But your views on the video is not related to the results you get in terms of website traffic. If anything, you don’t need millions of views on your videos to increase website traffic. You need to target quality visitors, rather than getting just anybody to watch your videos.

Think of building a rapport with your target audience so that they end up at your website, thinking of taking an action (basically converting into buyers). For this, you need to make sure:

  • You have your call to action buttons and even messaging in place
  • You tell people what they need to do (go for the problem-solution approach) when they are stuck with a problem
  • Always have an informative video description

This small yet effective strategy will help you get targeted traffic on your website that converts!

#5: Quality Content is the Key

When you approach a professional digital marketing service in Australia like us, we’d say focus on producing high quality content that helps you bring in the traffic.

Quality content = more engagement = more conversions

What’s more, you need to publish quality content consistently. It will help you:

  • Engage more people
  • Encourage them to share your content
  • Reach bigger target audience

So, while creating content, keep the following things in mind:

  • Create well-researched content that is backed with facts and studies to build a sense of credibility among your readers
  • Include visuals that are appealing to the idea of your post (also make sure they are added in the right places)
  • Add a personal story to let your readers know that you’ve been there and done that
  • Create an emotional connect with your readers by helping them get answers to their problems 

I am sure that these surefire ways will help you bring targeted traffic to your website that converts.

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