Perfect eCommerce Guide to 10X Christmas Conversions

9 Dec, 2019Business

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How does it feel when visitors at your eCommerce website fill their carts?

Definitely, it feels awesome and that your efforts have paid.

But what if they leave your website without completing the purchase?

What if their products are left in the cart and they never check out with them?

That’s something to worry about. And certainly unavoidable when the merriest time of the year has arrived.

According to eMarketer, the 2019 Holiday Season is expected to experience a growth of 3.7%, that means holiday sales may reach $1.035 trillion.


To be a part of this successful eCommerce growth, you need the perfect guide to help you 10X your Christmas conversions this 2019. In our blog How to Optimize Your eCommerce Business for 2019 Holiday Season, we have already discussed a few strategies that can help you to optimize your eCommerce business hassle-free. Some of the strategies that we’ve already discussed included:

  • Mobile and voice optimization
  • Website search improvement
  • Proactiveness on social media
  • Using relevant email marketing strategies
  • Updated product and category pages
  • To give regular updates on latest special offers to customers

But other than that, there is a lot more you need to do before the Christmas sales go live. In this article, our experts plan to give advice that hardly takes time at your end to implement. Plus, they are sure to help you 10X your sales efficiently.

15 Short & Simple Tips to 10X Your eCommerce Christmas Conversions

With our easy-to-implement tips, you can optimize your eCommerce website faster to 10X your Christmas Conversions this 2019. Let’s check them out!

#1: Create Clear Buy Buttons

As a professional SEO service provider, we’ve always emphasized on website design and layout. But more importantly, it is essential for you to add CTAs in the right place that prompt people to make a purchase. Your buy buttons should be clear and placed correctly to boost conversions.

#2: Build Simplified Payment Gateways

Customers are known to leave a payment process if the payment process seems too complicated. But more than that, they tend to leave the payment process if its doesn’t seem trustworthy. Add easy one-step checkout process to avoid this hesitation among your customers and increase your eCommerce conversions.

#3: Focus on Customer Convenience

Another thing we’ve seen witnessed over the years, is how customers seek convenience when approaching an eCommerce platform for specific products. They want products immediately. And, convenience-driven customers do not hesitate to pay more. So, add more delivery options, timings that prompt your customers to buy immediately and increase your conversions this Christmas.

#4: Add Social Proof

Collect enough customer reviews and photos to help your prospective customers get a social proof of your services and the products you deliver. You can also add numbers that say how many customers bought a product over a period of time.

#5: Customer Support

Add customer support options other than email and call support to make sure that customers get 24*7 support. You can add a live chat/chatbot, create a knowledge base repository, or use a ticketing software to never miss out on any of your emails.

#6: Always Add a Little Extra

Offer gift wrapping or messaging service for free to help your customers. This will encourage them to not just buy a product but a numerous gifts for their loved ones in one go without a hitch.

#7: Stand True to Your Statement

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve noticed many of our clients complaining how customers did not return to their website because they were a day or two behind to deliver a product. That’s way, make sure you mention it under your product the estimated delivery period for the product.

#8: Think About Small Website Design Changes

Many people and experts suggest eCommerce website owners to revamp their website design or probably redesign the entire website before the Holiday season. But is it possible for you to do it every now and then? Probably not. That’s why you should think of minor website design changes. Our SEO company in Australia is equipped with professional designers who create holiday banners, sale announcements, and more. We can also help you identify strategic places where you can place them on your website that will help you increase conversions.

#9: Add Popup Survey Forms

What will allow you to improve as an online business is to learn what your customers felt after purchasing products from your eCommerce website. For that, you can set popup survey forms. These can be made visible once a shopper completes a purchase at your eCommerce website. This way you will learn the problem areas better and optimize your website faster for future customer experience.

#10: Optimize Your Checkout Forms

As a professional SEO service provider, we’ve realized how important it is for eCommerce website owners to optimize their checkout forms for smooth customer experience. Basically, it is essential to reduce complications at your checkout form. For that we advice to ask for less details or create a guest checkout form for people who’d like to avoid the lengthy sign up process. That will definitely allow you to boost conversions.

#11: Optimize Your Mobile App for the Season Sale

Did you know that 39% of total U.S. sales came via mobile devices or apps last season?

That’s why it is essential for your website to be mobile-friendly. But at the same time we advise you to create a mobile app. Encourage your prospective customers to download your app by giving special discounts to app users. Plus, make sure that support option is clearly given in your app so that customers can reach out to you via the app in case they have any questions.

#12: Send Discount Coupons to Email Subscribers

To boost sales during Christmas, send discount coupons to your email subscribers to encourage them to purchase products from your eCommerce website. You can also send them discounts for certain categories or for products that they add in their wishlist. Other than that, you can also give advance access to your sales or give VIP access so they can see what all products can be purchased at what discounts. This gesture will surely make them feel special and they’ll reach out to you for the next purchase.

#13: Never too Late to Build Partnerships

When we say build partnerships, we not only mean “with customers”. You can reach out to social media influencers relevant to your industry and ask them to promote your products. This will give your platform the much needed exposure without investing too much and witness your conversions increase during Christmas. Well, this strategy can help you boost conversions even during the non-holiday season.

#14: Never Restrict to One Shipping Option

You can’t restrict your customers or tell them that there is only one or two shipping options that can help them receive their desired product. By that we mean, don’t tell them that they are going to receive a product only within 5 business days. Give them more options. Give them options where they can pick-up the product from your store after making its payment online. You can also include second day shipping option or even free shipping  option above certain orders.

#15: Don’t Hesitate to Partner With Order Fulfillment Company

It is understandable that during the holiday season there is a lot of rush to get things done. That’s why we always recommend you to partner with an order fulfillment company that helps you manage your inventory and help your customers receive their orders on time.

We hope that our list helps you boost your Christmas conversions 10 times and keeps your customers delighted with your services.

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