SEO Gone Wrong: 5 Pitfalls Preventing You from Ranking in 2019

25 Jun, 2019Business

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As per research, companies plan to spend $79 billion on SEO by the year 2020. Spending such a huge amount of money may seem like a crazy thing to do but is completely justifiable given the long-term profitability it is bound to generate for businesses. A few decades ago, traditional marketing was all businesses could focus on. But now, for every business, there is a website. And with about 1000 websites being hosted everyday, the competition is also increasing, creating the need to fight for the top spot.

To beat the odds of slipping on SERPs, companies will have to swing over some of the common SEO practices that may prevent your website from ranking in 2019.

Here are 5 issues where your SEO team may have advertently or inadvertently created some pitfalls for themselves preventing your website from increasing its ranking during search engine listing.

Irrelevant/Duplicate Content

Including irrelevant information to make up word count worked in the past. Now, with new Google algorithms in place, this practice is a big ‘NO’. The present day algorithms will easily detect the irrelevance and push your site down in the rankings. Moreover, you need to stick to the heading of your content and the subject matter.

Trying to cover a number of topics in the same write-up does not go well for search engines like Google as it likes to provide good service to its customers and if the content provided does not satisfy the needs of the customers, your site may rank far below your expectations.

Another pitfall is duplicate content. Whether it is intentional or unintentional makes little difference. Identifying and editing duplicate content is necessary. Plagiarism is discouraged and repeated content may be termed as spam and even penalized. We must remember that content is published for providing information to customers and if the content does not meet that goal, then all is for nothing.

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Keyword Stuffing

If you are using keywords more often in paragraphs of your content to boost your ranking, you may actually be well on the way to destroying your chances at ranking up. Repeatedly using keywords or framing your sentences to enable insertion of keywords may be read as spam by the search engines and would hurt your chances at ranking. So, do not attract this pitfall of keyword stuffing. Understand the fact that the search engines would display the most appropriate pages based during search query and if it finds there are multiple pages that are optimized for the same keyword, it may or may not list those pages. Google uses a latent search program known as LSI (‘Latent Semantic Indexing’) to read into your content heading without scanning for keywords. So, if you think that stuffing your content with keywords would help your SEO, you are gravely mistaken. The keyword here is – ‘Do Not Over Optimize’.

External and Internal Links

Inserting an external link without confirming its relevance to your content may be more damaging than being a useful SEO tool. Make link to a relevant and well-ranked site instead of any site. It is always a better choice to provide links to sites which have links to your sites as this will direct more traffic to you in the future. Also, use a good anchor text for a link that describes the type of site a customer may want to be redirected to instead of using ‘Click Here’. Avoid using the same anchor text over and over again as this may be construed as spam. 

Providing internal links to your top performing pages may seem to be a good decision so as to expose your customers to a wider view of services the company provides. All the same, ensure that the redirected pages are about the same topic and relevance and the target customer does not lose focus but adds to the traction. As mentioned earlier in the case of keyword stuffing, do not make a pitfall to include too many internal links. This will not be interpreted favorably by a search engine.

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Slow Loading of Website

Any person would avoid sites that take a long time to load – whether on laptops or mobile. The slow downloading of a website is definitely a major pitfall. People would prefer sites that logon in a few seconds. So, you need to optimize your website to load on fast. Some steps to boost up your website are suggested:

  • Optimize images – a heavy image – however good and appropriate it seems will slow the page’s downloading. There are more than a dozen ways to optimize an image and any one may be used to one’s advantage.
  • Use the latest PHP – The latest one is PHP 7+. It should make a notable difference.
  • Use a better hosting – The use of good hosting has resulted in significantly reducing the time it takes to download websites.
  • Replace slow plugins
  • Use a better Cache plugin

Ignoring Analytics

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Your company’s team of content writers have given their best content write-ups, your SEO team has taken all corrective steps to fully optimize the company website and all are happy. You need to take a final step before you start patting your back on the work done well. Prevent this most important pitfall of ignoring analytics report.

Google Webmaster and Google Analytics are two of the main tools used by SEO teams to measure the performance of their websites. The reports generated by these tools would provide the resultant effect of the contents published on the website – the improved results or the deficiencies. It would be foolish to ignore these figures, rather, use these to improve on your SEO. Setting up a regular review of your analytics would certainly be good for the health of your SEO.

The Last Word

These are some of the many pitfalls discussed that prevent you from ranking in 2019. However, considering these 5 indicators and acting upon them would make a significant improvement in the listing of your website during the internet search. For more information, you may want to log on to

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