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24 May, 2019Business

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Some websites get all the traffic they want to. How do they go about it? Do they publish often? Are they famous on social media? Or is it just email marketing?

Here’s the lowdown – there’s one primary difference between low-traffic and high-traffic websites, that is information. Per Hubspot, companies that do blogging have around 95% more inbound links – exactly why you’re pouring revenue to it.

If you’ve just started your own blog or added a section of blog on your website, there are a few quick tips that might help you grab users’ attention –

  • Try to increase likes on Facebook
  • Build a list of email subscribers
  • Automate the process of scheduling posts on Twitter
  • Large following on Twitter is a must!
  • Provide some incentive to your audience by offering a free book in return of their name and contact
  • Content is king – write catchy headlines
  • Join Social media groups and participate actively

Are you overwhelmed, already? Fret not. The key is to keep the content updated and ‘hot’, as we call it. For example, a news report from Search Engine Land that mentioned Google’s ‘More Results’ button in 2018 was a hit at its time, but couldn’t remain hot for long due to its shorter shelf-life. The best possible solution for this? Relentlessly update and publish articles!

Basically, there are two types of traffic to choose from – Organic and Paid.

Organic is when you don’t force it, typical example of this includes search traffic, wherein, a person types a question, Google shows 5 different results and the person, by will click on your blog. Paid is when you want the audience to visit your blog or website, the best example of which could be Facebook advertising among others such as banner ads, Twitter ads, Google Adwords and more.

While organic traffic is as crucial as paid, companies these days are relying on paid traffic more. You’ll get to know in the following list. This and more, brought to you by a comprehensive list of top 5 ways to increase traffic by targeting right audience on your blogs –

Be Very Particular About Selecting Topics –

While million of articles are published every day out of which only a small percentage get attention, and only 55% readers read the blogs for around 15 seconds – if you think it’ll be easy for you to make it, you’re wrong. Internet has become a battleground for attention where every small to big company is vying to make a space. Every page you check, you’ll come across same articles echoing same points repeatedly. This is exactly where you they get wrong.

Content is becoming more functional and less art. There are keyword, formulas and techniques to it, of you succeed in decoding them, your blog will become high-traffic, guaranteed! Pro Tip – Take help of Google Trends, SEMrush and BuzzSumo, or ask your digital marketing agency to fetch reports about related to topics generating maximum shares!

If You Must, Create Viral Content –

Most people fail when it comes to creating viral content. This happens because they don’t pay attention to websites that are actually creating viral posts. The easiest way to go about it is creating great headlines. Eight out of ten people click on blogs just because of headlines. As a good blogger, you should know how to come up with clickbait articles and play with emotions of target audience in the form of envy, fear, greed and excitement. Take home – Let your audience come to your blog because you’ve baited them to it, but don’t make them feel cheated.

Long Tail Keywords Do Wonders –

When you start working on increasing traffic to your blog or asking your digital marketing agency to do it for you, start off by creating a spreadsheet. Add URL, primary keyword and associated keyword in every cell. Keywords are important, understandable, but make sense of those by adding context to it. For example, furniture is one high-ranking keyword, but at the same time, its very generic. Many people mistakenly search for this keyword with zero interest. Compare this to ‘Unique furniture set’. This keyword might encompass only a fraction of overall searches, but the people searching for it are more likely to convert.

Mention Influencers In Blogs –

Right, you’ve just started writing blogs or adding them to your site, but there are people who have conquered grounds in same niche. When you write the next article, simply mention the influencer in your blog to add value and insights – and don’t forget to let them know about this mention.

Chances are, they’ll go ahead and share your blog if you’ve showcased their expertise in your blog. After all, everybody loves some praise and appreciation! This will help you build good relationships with reputed bloggers, influencers and marketers giving your venture a great push.

Posts With A Twist – Restructure Them!

There will be times when you won’t be able to realize what audience your blog is attracting. Check the comment section to gauge this, if every reader has simply written ‘Nice’ or ‘Good’, you’re probably not addressing the right audience. In this case, bloggers start speaking the language of their target audience to show them that they connect. There are many tools to identify this. For example, Alexa’s homepage has a button to enter the blog address and click on ‘Go’. It’ll return with search results such as daily page views, time on site and regions. This will not only help you understand your audience better, but it’ll help you improve on the basis of website content and pages.

While we mentioned two types of traffic earlier, there are others also, that might not be a big hit for you as a beginner, but can help you in the long run such as referral, marketing, direct, etc. Being a marketer or a blogger entering this field, you’ll find many challenges. But don’t worry! Like everything else, it’s not rocket science. The only secret to increase traffic is understanding customers and serving them what they actually expect. Good Luck!

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