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27 Jan, 2020Business

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Facebook is indisputably the number #1 Social Media website. In the 3rd quarter of 2019, Facebook estimates 2.45 billion members. If you are not including Facebook in your growth strategy, then you’re missing out a big opportunity.

 In this article, you will learn the way to use Facebook for business. The right way!

So What Makes Facebook So Good?

There are two main reasons-

  • Facebook is an updated Social networking website
  • It’s visually appealing. Its design, colours, layout and content on Facebook appeals to most people.

How Can You Use Facebook For Business?

Well, Facebook is offering four types of features which is broadly categorized below-

These include-

  • Pages,
  • Ads
  • Sponsored Stories
  • The Facebook Platform.

 You can use these services to engage businesses to build their uniqueness and brands online.

 Let’s explore one by one-

Facebook Business Page

The Facebook business page is an effective method offered to promote businesses.

 It’s like a mini-website, which enables to connect with prospects and clients. There are many features to maximizing your Facebook Page for business.

 You can easily create the Facebook page by visiting

  • Select the right category, add a description, Add Relevant profile photo and cover photo.
  • Fill out your Page information completely
  • Add collaborators to your page

 If you already have a Facebook page, You can read the next point.

Promote your page.

What if you only created the page and no one sees it?

 Well, you must and should promote it crazily. Fortunately there are many ways to build a strong  following on Facebook. When you first create your page, send invitations through Facebook to your present customers.

 Start adding your Facebook page link into your email signature and also to your business card. It’s also suggested to use and include social media profile to your website and every marketing material.

You can also try- UGC (User-generated content) to encourage users with your Facebook page and every post.

Try to keep the Facebook page URL, easy and memorable so that it can be quickly promoted.

Engage Your Followers

With a recent Facebook algorithm, it is clear that the post which creates engagement will be more favoured. 

Before posting any random post to your Facebook business page, make sure to come up with a strategy. You can also take inspiration from your competitor page or any big brand page.

 After all, Facebook is a not for selling, but for engaging.

 As per Campbell, It is essential for the business to make a quick response to customer comments, questions and concerns on their Facebook page.

 Always know your target audience and then create a buzz for them.

 You can create an engagement by posting quality content; try to be conversational and friendly in post. 

Facebook Ads

If you are facing difficulty in reaching your audience organically, you can opt for Facebook Ads.

 Facebook Ads are like a regular post, but they are incredibly targeted and reach more users.

 Facebook offers tools which are very useful and make it very easy for the page owner to target a specific audience.

 You can target your audience as per their location, age, gender and interests. As Facebook is also a data and information company which gathers user data, it can target your ad to those who are most likely to be interested in your service or product.

 They also offer an analytics tool which helps you to understand which ads are performing well and bring more leads and sales.

Off course it will charge you some money, but the returns are enormous.

 However, you must focus on the results, like more page likes, more followers, sales, website click etc.

 Make sure to add an attractive image and convincing copy with a call-to-action to your Facebook advertisement.

 Sponsored Stories

This Facebook story is made based on user activity. It follows an action that users have already taken on the social network or within a Facebook-connected app.

 It is undoubtedly the best and effective way to run relevant advertising while saving yourself time and money.

Let’s divide this into two parts-

  • Sponsored– Paid
  • Stories– Made when a user interacts with another page, user, app or place.

 In Facebook, stories are made or generated when any users like ay posts, share or comment on any post or even likes any page, claims an offer or any apps.

 Facebook offers different types of Sponsored Stories. Below are some of the Sponsored Stories-

  •       Post Like story: Made when a friend likes a Page post
  •       Event attendee: Story created when a friend attends an Event
  •       Wall Post story: Story created when a friend posts to a Page wall
  •       Post Like story: Story made when a friend likes a Page post
  •       Domain story: Story created when a friend shares a link from a specific domain
  •       Offer Claim story: Story made when a friend claims an Offer
  •       App story: Story made when a friend uses a Facebook app
  •       Check-in story: Story created when a friend checks in to a business
  •       Post Share story: Story made when a friend shares a Page post

Facebook Platforms

It is a platform offered by Facebook for their advertisers with many cool new applications to use. Here are some of the most popular tools, available in the facebook platform- Splashcast, iLike’s, Slide’s, Forbes integration, Internet TV broadcaster, Dogster, gnolia’s, event finder application, Bunchball, Channels.com, Ether, Atomic Moguls, Flixster.

Other Ways To Use Facebook For Business

Below are some of the different methods to use Facebook for your business.

  • Comment on Popular Facebook Business Pages– You can also comment and check out or stalk other business pages. However, it is advised to visit the big brand company page, as you can able to lean their marketing tactics.
  • Facebook group– It is suggested to create a Facebook group for your business page. You can also start a membership program, referral program, enable reselling etc.
  • Facebook events– Face meeting is the best and most effective way to engage your customers. You can organize a workshop or seminar etc.

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